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Trapped in Colombia’s Guijira Peninsula

It’s a hurricane and it’s headed right for us! Continue reading

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February 2017, Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter, February 2017


We spent January and February ensconced in a comfortable apartment in Chihuahua Mexico to rest up from our year of backpacking through South America and Mexico.  We spent our time visiting with family and friends, planning out our next move, and settled on a plan.  In March we will return to the U.S. and trade in our backpacks for a pickup truck and fifth wheel trailer.  With that we will continue traveling throughout 2017 covering North America from Alaska to Baja, checking out remote mountains, deserts and canyons along the way. Continue reading

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We had originally planned to stay in South America into January of 2017, but by now, in October 2016, we were tired and had dipped into our reserve travel funds.  So we decided to change things up and treat ourselves to an extravagance for us; a cruise through he fjords of the far south – land’s end at the tip of Patagonia.  But first we would check out Buenos Aires Argentina. Continue reading

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After surviving hurricanes and the tropical heat of coastal Colombia it was time to follow the Andes southward, this time into Peru.  The transition from the steaming tropics to the chill of Cusco was abrupt, but worth it. Continue reading

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We decided to leave Ecuador in September 2016, but to where?  We had reservations to tour Machu Picchu in Peru with a friend flying in from Seattle in October, so we had to be there by then.  But, we had four weeks before that to either travel slowly southward through Peru or fly north to Colombia and visit some of our priority destinations in South America; Cartegena, Santa Marta, Tayrona National Park and the remote Guajira Peninsula on the far northern Caribbean coast.  We chose Colombia. Continue reading

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In August 2016 we started our South American travels in Ecuador in order to take advantage of the South American climate and because it was relatively inexpensive to fly into from the U.S. Our plan was to follow the good weather in South America from Ecuador southward while the Andes mountains were moving from spring towards summer and the Amazon Basin still in “dry” season (somewhat less rainy than “wet” season). As a bonus, the currency used in Ecuador is the U.S. dollar, so we wouldn’t have to struggle with money conversions at first. So, we reserved an Airbnb apartment in Quito Ecuador for eleven days to give us time to rest up and take some short excursions out of the city to the surrounding mountains. Continue reading

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October 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; October 2016:


Our South American journeys have ended, a little earlier than planned, and now we’re in Mexico City (just in time for the Dias de los Muertos celebration).   We’re resting up and re-supplying in Mexico City (replace some worn-out clothes and our cameras that finally died after their soaking in Hurricane Matthew in Colombia). After a few days in Mexico City we’ll continue on through southern Mexico and Guatemala. Continue reading

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September 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; September 2016:


We’re thinking about our next stop – Peru, but we had quite the adventures in Colombia in September. We’re also looking ahead to our eventual return to Mexico and the U.S., probably through Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

We never could have imagined the experiences we’ve had in September and Colombia has been great; Ecuador not so much. Continue reading

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Travels 2016

ON THE ROAD: Starting off the Journey, May – June 2016:

After this introduction, our travel posts are arranged chronologically and by distinct parts (Part One; Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Part Two; Western States Road Trip, etc.).  We’ll update this page throughout 2016 with new Parts as we travel through different regions.   But first, our introduction followed by a table of contents so you can scroll down to the posts you’re interested in: Continue reading

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