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January 2015 – Teaching English as a Second Language

Two years ago I started tutoring English as a Second Language (ESL) to immigrants and refugees from around world. Two days a week I volunteer as a tutor working one-on-one with students and also as a teacher’s aide assisting in the regular coursework at our local community college’s adult ESL program outside of Seattle. But why? Continue reading

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April 2014 – English as a Second Language

Siphon from Cambodia rubs my belly while saying, “You good teacher.” That’s what I like to hear.

It’s April, 2014 and the spring quarter of English as a Second Language (ESL) has started at the local community college. For the past two years I’ve been volunteering as a tutor in the ESL program. I’ve tutored students from Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Latin America, Southeast Asia, China and the Kingdom of Bhutan. Continue reading

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